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As well as the bespoke solutions, spray barriers and tented enclosures shown above, FiltaBund can also provide our unique "Inside-Out" washbay enclosures. These robust enclosures with barrel vaulted roofs have been specially developed by FiltaBund for rapid installation and can be connected together to create multiple wash bays or wet side and dry side arrangements. The enclosures can also be provided with roller shutters, rear walls and additional weather protection. Steel work is galvanised and spray panels are Plastisol coated steel. The Inside-Out approach minimises cladding requirements, while presenting a smooth, structure-free cleanable surface to the internal work area.

The bays can be used with all our systems, including the Total System Solution 2, GeoSack and PlastiBund products. See below for some possible arrangements:

Single Bay- 8m x 5.4m
Double Bay- Additional Weather Protection

Triple Bay- One with Roller Shutter

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