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Total System Solution- Plant and Auto Washdown
Total System Solution- Plant and Auto Washdown


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FiltaBund has worked with industry leaders to develop The FiltaBund Total System Solution (TSS). TSS is designed to capture, process and recover contaminated water resulting from the power washing of vehicles (including buses, vans, trucks, lorries and cars), plant and machinery to meet

Pollution Prevention Guidelines 13 (PPG13). The contaminated water can contain traces of oils, detergent, biocides, plant based diseases and other harmful substances. The FTSS system collects this contaminated water in a bund positioned under the equipment being washed and can be located indoors or outdoors. The system is a direct replacement for costly below ground oil separators, silt traps and settlement tanks.

The bund consists of a waterproof membrane, which creates a pool for capture of contaminated water, on top of which is positioned a raised washbay onto which vehicles and plant can be driven.  Three filtration layers of advanced geotextile are positioned on top of the raised void, which is bounded and secured by a surrounding waterproof continuous D section. The top layer is either a robust perforated fabric or GRP Grating that protects the lower layers.The next layer down filters out fine particles and the final filtration layer removes oil from the washwater.

The filtered washwater (which may still contain dissolved contaminants and micro particles) then passes into the waterproof base layer, where it gathers and flows into the bilge pump sump via a baffle unit. The baffle assists with the removal of solids from the washwater by allowing the particles to settle out prior to extraction by the bilge pump. Residual oil is contained within the bund by the baffle arrangement and our unique bacteria ensure a friendly bacterial environment is maintained. This environment allows collected oil, detergent and organic debris to be broken down in to harmless compounds.

When positioned outside, the FiltaBund Total System Solution harvests rainwater, which is collected in a tank and is made available for washdown operations. Washdown water is also collected in the bund and reused for washdown of vehicles and plant. The system is 12v powered to ensure safety and can easily be powered from solar panels and wind turbines. Alternatively, the bund can be connected direct to a sewer for discharge of washwater (with agreement from the relevant sewer operator).

The wash bay platform installation requires zero groundworks and can be fully installed in 3 days depending on size. Its modular design allows for bespoke geometries and platform areas, catering for equipment from small lawnmowers to large industrial and agricultural plant. The system is also ideal for temporary washdown facilities at shows or temporary sites, with FiltaBund offering a component buy back option.

We have also developed a rapid deployment solution that can be operational within 2hrs of arriving on site. This robust aluminium tray system is available in 3m width and 5m width options. The modular design allows for any length of bay and the 5m wide option can be used inside or outside. Rapod deployment spray barriers are also available manufactured from 910gsm tarpulin. See image at bottom of this page.

For external locations, where a non-perforate surface is available, you may wish to consider our alternative GeoSack system. For more information, click

Treatment Levels achieved by the Total System Solution for Discharge Permit Application are as follows:

- Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) < 500mg/l*

- Suspended Solids (SS) < 200mg/l*

- Annual Volume of Water < 375m3/year#

*Test results show significantly lower COD and SS levels than indicated above. For discharge permits, a safety margin is included. Lower levels can be

achieved if required.

#Depends on annual use. Figure shown approximates washing of 10 cars per day for 250 days per year. Each wash assumed to take 20minutes with 10minutes of water

flow at 15litres/min. For lower use, assume a lower annual volume.

You can view some examples of our work on the Project Examples Page 


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