Equipment Wash Bays and Bunded Platforms
SupaBund/PortaCeptor/AquaChamber- Portable or Temporary Equipment
SupaBund/PortaCeptor/AquaChamber- Portable or Temporary Equipment

AquaChamber           SupaBund                                           PortaCeptor                                          VacuCeptor

SupaBund, AquaChamber and PortaCeptor are new products from FiltaBund and have been developed in response to customer need for a low cost, portable and storable range of products.

The SupaBund wash pads are manufactured from extra heavy duty PVC with foam filled perimeter bund with a standard size of 7.5m x 4.5m. The SupaBund perimeter can withstand the passage of vehicles and will not puncture like some air filled models. The AquaChamber is designed for items that can be lifted in to the bay and provides a 2m x 2m x 2m standard enclosure for power or steam washing smaller items. Bespoke sizes of both the SupaBund and AquaChamber are available.  

Uses for the SupaBund systems include:

- Mobile valeting companies
- Construction site or farm wheel washing
- Absolute zero ground works situations
- Emergency deployment
- Short term installations
- Events

Uses for the AquaChamber systems include:

- Emergency deployment
- Short term installations
- Parts washing
- Contaminated equipment wash down

In the unlikely event that the bays are damaged, repairs are easily made with the included repair kit. 

Water can be extracted from the bays with our SupaGulpa nozzle connected to an upgraded vacuum cleaner containing a non clogging pump. This allows for continuous operation without the need to vacuum the mat or enclosure after each wash. The system can also cope with high volumes of dirt and debris. We can also supply a vacuum extract control module, which only turns the vacuum on when water is flowing to the pressure washer. This prolongs the life of the vacuum cleaner and reduces noise. The internal vacuum cleaner water pump remains powered at all times.

For hot water pumping applications, or where use of a customers own vacuum cleaner is preferred, our pumped vacuum interceptor (VacuCeptor) can be used. This steel drum intercepts water and debris prior to entering the vacuum cleaner and automatically pumps the effluent away.

Water can be transferred from the vacuum cleaner direct to a water tank for removal from site. Alternatively, water can be pumped on to our

GeoSack or GeoSack Mini processing units for discharge to a sewer (with a permit) or on to a holding tank for reuse. Discharge to surface water via one of our oil and silt filter socks may also be possible for wheel wash situations.

We also offer our cost effective PortaCeptor portable processing unit for water treatment. The system can be used as a simple silt and oil separating unit for discharge to the sewer, or if waste water reuse is required, UV sterilisation can be added to the final water cell to provide for clean water reuse in a closed loop system. The PortaCeptor can be deployed in around 1 hr and is ideal for short term installations or where a low cost solution is required.

See diagrams below for a summary of the SupaBund, AquChamber, PortaCeptor, SupaBund and VacuCeptor systems:


 temporary wash bay, wash mat, portable wash mat
Diagram 1: SupaBund Portable Wash Mat (Bespoke Sizes Available)

Diagram 2: AquaChamber Parts Washing Enclosure (Bespoke Sizes Available)

Diagram 3: PortaCeptor wash water processing unit and SupaBund wash mat. Biological Processing and UV Sterialisation for Water Reuse

Diagram 4: VacuCeptor intercepts effluent before it reaches the vaccum cleaner and automatically pumps it on to storage or the next stage of processing. VacuCeptor can also cope with elevated temperatures, which can cause some vacuum cleaner barrels to collapse and also allows use of a customers own vacuum cleaner. This allows a single vacuum to be used for waste water removal and for valeting.

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