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Project Examples
Project Examples

August 2018- 
FiltaBund provides a washwater collection and processing platform to the Ambulance Service in Oxfordshire. This compact outdoor solution processes washwater for discharge to a sewer.

June 2018- FiltaBund provides a full recycling system with rainwater harvesting to a HGV trailer leasing company in Doncaster. Major groundworks were carried out by others with drainage to FiltaBund design.

February 2018- FiltaBund provides a waste water processing facility with collection pit to a tile manufacturing company in the Midlands. Waste polymer is collected in the pit, along with wash water and contaminents are removed in our batch processing coagulation plant. Water quality is continuoulsy monitoried using Cloud Water Control from SEL and appropriate residence time is applied for coagulation along with the required volume of coagulant. Cleansed water is then discharged in accordance with the site permit.

January 2018-
FiltaBund provides a full washwater collection and recycling system to a leading car aution company. The company required a quick solution that would not require a connection to a sewer.

December 2017-
FiltaBund Installs our containerised GeoSack Marine system in a marina in Plymouth, which is now actively reducing copper outfall back to coastal waters.

November 2017
- FiltaBund installs our GeoSack Marine system for a Marina on the River Dart. The system is removing copper, paint and oil from washwater, reducing the marinas impact on the environment.

October 2017- FiltaBund installs our PortaCeptor system with SupaBund collection pad at a marina in Kent. Our 4 stage interceptor with flocculation, aeration and uv sterilisation is reducing antifoul pollution in The Swale waterway.

September 2017- FiltaBund provides leading food and beverage distribution company with an hygenic tanker pipe wash facility. FiltaBund installed a high canopy cover, wash mat and vacuum extract system, which uses our specialist SupaGulpa nozzle.

August 2017-
FiltaBund saves a client money by installing aeration in to wash water interceptors. This massively increases rate of decomposition of organic materias, including hydrocarbons by changing the biological environment from anaerobic to aerobic. Bad smells are removed and quality of water discharged or recycled is improved. Savings come from reduced discharge permit costs (due to improved water quality) and a reduction in the cost of pump out due to less silt and oil build up.

August 2017-
FiltaBund completes a wash water recycling project for a leading hire company in Devon. This project allowed for full recycling of washwater and rainwater harvesting to replenish water lost to overspray and evaporation. During dry periods, water is topped up automatically from mains to ensure a constant supply. Thanks to SEL Environmental's "Cloud Water Control" system, all pumps and water levels are monitored via an internet connection. This allows for remote diagnostics and system adjustment if required.

May 2017-
FiltaBund has installed a demonstration of our PortaCeptor and SupaBund systems at SEL Environmental in Blackburn. Installation took around 1hr. If you are interested in viewing the system in operation, please get in contact using the form at the bottom of this page, or email

April 2017-
FiltaBund completes an upgrade for the Bristol Total System Solution installation that was completed in early 2015. The upgrade allows for more silt collection prior to surface cleaning and signifcantly reduces maintenance downtime.

March 2017-
FiltaBund completes an installation of the Total System Solution to provide a compact wash booth for a safety equipment hire company in Warrington. This fully enclosed indoor booth is fitted with internal power, water and lighting- all provided by FiltaBund.

December 2016-
FiltaBund completes an install of the GeoSack system with tented enclosure for a leading motorcycle brand in Northampon.

Tented wash bay

October 2016-
FiltaBund completes an install of the GeoSack system for a hire company in Runcorn.

GeoSack wash bay

June 2016-
FiltaBund completes a double washbay install of the Total System Solution for a dealership in Bracknell.

double wash bay

May 2016-
FiltaBund completes an install of the Total System Solution for a dealership in Newbury.

Exterior wash bay

March 2016- FiltaBund completes an install of the Total System Solution for a dealership in Maidstone.

Bespoke wash bay

January 2016-
FiltaBund completes an install of the Total System Solution for a leading sports car brand in Leicester.

Indoor wash bay

December 2015-
FiltaBund completes an install of the Total System Solution for a leading car company in Sheffield.


September 2015-
FiltaBund completes an install of the GeoSack system for a marine company in Liverpool. The GeoSack system has been updated to allow additional mobility and can be skid mounted.

wash water processing

December 2014- 
FiltaBund completes an install of the Total System Solution for a leading car brand in Bristol.

October 2014- Interesting article on BBC news discussing the invasion of non-native species to UK waters. Click here to see the article.

October 2014- FiltaBund completes an install of the GeoSack system with PlastiBund containment for a leading car brand in Dartford.

water recycling and reuse

September 2014- FiltaBund completes another install for a leading car brand in West London with a solid spray barrier.

wash pad

April 2014- The FiltaBund Total System Solution for Marinas and Boatyards is listed in The Green Blue Guide to Washdown and features on the front cover. You can view the document by clicking on the image below.

The Green Blue

December 2013- FiltaBund completes its first internal washdown facility for a leading car dealer in North London.

Flexible enclosure 

August 2013- Great video on YouTube by SciShow on the threat posed from the spread of non-native mussel species across the US lakes. The video talks about the responsibility of boat users to clean hulls and bilges to avoid spread of non native species from one location to another. Interestingly, the article also details the potential huge cost implications to the hydro electricity market. You can view the video here. Take a look at our Total System Solution as a method of controlling the spread of non-native species.

June 2013- FiltaBund has completed their second installation at Emsworth Yacht Harbour on the South Coast. Emsworth joins Tollesbury in reducing their impact on the environment from marina washdown operations.

marine wash pad

November 2012- FiltaBund at Tollesbury Marina has now processed the washwater from over 100 boats, reducing the release of soluble copper by over 90%.

October 2012- FiltaBund have have released their information video, which you can view by clicking on the link below:

August 2012- FiltaBund have completed the installation of their demonstration facility at Tollesbury Marina. Please contact us if you would like to visit the site to view the system.

Wash bay development

July 2012- FiltaBund will be installing the final stages of the Total System Solution demonstration site at Tollesbury Marina over the next 4 weeks. Contact FiltaBund to arrange a visit.

June 2012- FiltaBund have completed the user manual for the Total System Solution. Please contact FiltaBund for a copy.

June 2012- Fore and Aft Magazine features FiltaBund. Click here and view page 52.

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