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Total System Solution- Marina Washbay Solutions
Total System Solution- Marina Washbay Solutions

FiltaBund has two solutions for the marine environment. The FiltaBund Total System Solution (FTSS) is for use where a drainage system and laid to fall slab is not available, or where the surface over which washing takes place is perforate. The FTSS system is detailed on this page. If your site has a concrete slab with a drainage system installed, you may wish to consider our GeoSack Marine system, which can be viewed here.

The GeoSack Marine system offers all the performance of the FTSS system, but makes use of existing on site infrastructure, which can reduce costs considerably.

FiltaBund has worked with industry leaders to develop The FTSS. FTSS is designed to capture, process and recover contaminated water resulting from the power washing of antifouled and non antifouled boat hulls. The contaminated water can contain traces of oils, copper oxide, paint pigments, biocides and other harmful substances, as well as non native species, which can all be harmful to aquatic life if allowed to enter a watercourse or tidal estuary untreated. The FTSS system collects this contaminated water in a bund positioned under the boat hull being washed.

The bund consists of a waterproof membrane, which creates a pool for capture of contaminated water resulting from washdown, on top of which is positioned a raised washbay onto which vehicles can be driven.  Three filtration layers of advanced geotextile are positioned on top of the raised void, which is bounded and secured by a surrounding waterproof continuous D section. The top layer is a robust perforated fabric that protects the lower layers and filters out lager debris. The top layer is tensioned around the perimeter with bungee cords. The next layer down filters out fine particles and the final filtration layer removes oil from the washwater. The system ensures that a antifoul pollution from marina wash down operations is minimised.

The filtered washwater (which may still contain dissolved contaminants and micro particles) then passes into the waterproof base bund, where it gathers and flows into the bilge pump sump via on oil baffle unit. The oil baffle assists with the removal of solids from the washwater by allowing the particles to settle out prior to extraction by the bilge pump. Residual oil is contained within the bund by the baffle arrangement. You can read an article discussing your statutory responsibilities relating to waste water discharge here and a guidelines produced by The Environment Agency and Scottish Environment Protection Agency are available here. A presentation is available here and the installation process can be viewed here

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All marinas and boatyards will also be aware of the value of water to their business. Not only is the UK experiencing a water shortage, but the metered cost of water continues to rise and is likely to rise further as water becomes an increasingly valuable resource in the UK. The FiltaBund Filtration system mounts the FiltaBund mats over an innovative bunded void to collect all washdown water runoff from the washdown operations. The area created onto which the boat is driven can be considerable depending on the bespoke design adopted for your particular facility. The FiltaBund system uses this area as a rainwater harvesting facility, which will collect rainwater and retain it in a tanking facility for future washdown, ensuring that a fully charged water resource is always available. Water discharge to the water course or drain only occurs during rainfall, as the tank fills and discharges when full. This ensures that any residual contaminants left in the water after the filtration process are further diluted as they are discharged from the system.

Marina washbay
Hoist Drives on Top of Bund

marina washbay

marina washbay

Hoist Drives Each Side of Bund

The system can be powered from the mains, but where connection to mains is difficult, or customers are looking to reduce their power consumption, the system can be powered with the use of solar panels and a small wind turbine. We are also aware that every marina and boatyard has their own unique systems and areas available for washdown. Our marine industry knowledge allows us to tailor the system to your specific method of lifting boats, whether that be a crane, mobile hoist, hydraulic trailer, or a fixed hoist. A FiltaBund representative will therefore make a site visit prior to any system install to ensure the solution is tailored to your specific site.

washwater processing

Whilst the system is considered to be semi-permanent, it can be relocated within a couple of days. All parts of the system are dismountable and rebuildable, whilst ensuring a robust construction.

FiltaBund is aware of the financial pressures on marinas and boatyards, especially during these lean times. The FiltaBund Total System Solution has therefore been realistically priced to ensure that the additional costs associated with the system can be covered through a modest increase in charges to customers of a few pounds per washdown.

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