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HeliBund Helicopter Landing Pad
HeliBund Helicopter Landing Pad

FiltaBund has developed a helicopter landing pad (Helipad) that can be installed on a temporary or permanent basis to provide a stable and solid landing platform over many substrates. The system can be surface mounted or sunk 150mm into the ground. The pad sits on top of a 150mm raised platform that forms a bund for the collection of oil from maintenance activities, washwater and spilt fuel. Any hydrocarbons or washwater that falls on to the surface, flows in to the water collection void below and is treated through biological action in an oxygen rich environment. A continuous and robust welded membrane extends under the platform to contain the water and effluent to ensure no pollution is released to the environment. Water from the bund flows through an oil baffle to a surface mounted sump and is pumped to the sewer, collected for disposal, or under special circumstances, allowed to soak away. The baffle ensures that 100mm of water with a surface film of oil is maintained in the bund at all times, creating a ideal habitat for aerobic bacterial action. For regular washing activities, the bund can be connected to our GeoSack processing unit for further cleaning of effluent prior to discharge to the sewer or reuse.

This technology has emerged from the boat and car washdown industries, where our systems are processing thousands of litres of water a year. The surface is capable of withstanding loads in excess of 150tonnes per square m and the dense rubber surface tiles ensure a flat operating platform for take off and landing.

The system can be used over many substrates, including soft soils, sand or hard surfaces where the loads are distributed over a large surface area. The platform can be sited on a permanent or temporary basis to provide a solid flat surface for helicopter operations.

It is important to note that by law, washwater from any commercial operation must not be allowed to flow in to surface water or groundwater and must be processed and passed to sewer. Possible uses therefore include collection and processing of washwater from helicopters operating in the marine environment, where washing takes place on a regular basis to remove salt deposits. The resulting washwater can contain residual oil, lubricants and coolants from the craft. Protection must also be in place during maintenance and refuelling activities to stop environmental contamination resulting from spills. HeliBund can therefore help achieve the environmental and legal responsibilities of your business or operation.

For situations where ground conditions are the main concern and refuelling and washdown is unlikely to occur, the system can be used without the waterproof membrane to provide a cost effective take off and landing site, which makes the solution ideal for events or domestic use. Make up can be achieved in a morning, with a similar time frame for breakdown. The system is equally at home in a commercial, governmental or military application.

The modular nature of the system allows for a helipad of any size that can cater for the smallest to the largest aircraft and can be deployed for helicopter events, domestic use or permanent commercial operations.

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