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FiltaBund GeoSack- Plant and Auto Washdown
FiltaBund GeoSack- Plant and Auto Washdown

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GeoSack System with PlastiBund Containment                                          GeoSack Processing Unit                                                                        GeoSack Marine                                       

The Geosack system is a stand alone processing facility for washwater effluent, designed to meet the requirements of the Pollution Prevention Guidelines 13 (PPG13) produced by The Scottish and UK Environment Agencies. The system has been developed to provide the advantages of the FiltaBund Total System Solution (FTSS), but where a sound concrete slab is available. FiltaBund install their PlastiBund bolt down high visibility recycled plastic surround to form a low level drive over containment bund on the concrete apron, that diverts the washdown water to a sump. The water is pumped from the sump to the GeoSack system for processing. This set up allows for the use of existing infrastructure and reduces the overall cost of the washdown system when compared to the FTSS solution, or any traditional sub surface solutions. The system can be considered as a direct replacement for costly below ground oil separators, silt traps and settlement tanks.

With the addition of the limestone (copper removal), activated carbon and the sandfilter modules, the Geosack system is an ideal solution for the marine environment. Water can be collected from a hardstanding/pier gully or drain and directed through the processing system, where it can be collected for reuse, or discharged back to the marina. See the diagram below for an example of the Geosack Marine System.

The GeoSack system performs all the roles of sub surface systems, but maintains all operations above ground. This allows easy access for repair and minimises the need for expensive groundworks and the emptying of below ground tanks. It also allows for relocation of the washdown site in the future if required. In addition, processed water can be pumped long distances from the GeoSack location to the sewer through a 32mm pipe.

The filtration bag, which contains an oil retention layer, collects silt and debris over the course of a few months and is then removed, replaced and disposed of. Water that passes from the bag falls in to the bund tank and is further treated with bacteria in an aerated, oxygen rich environment. Any oils that pass through the filter sack, are contained in the bund by an oil baffle and degraded over time by the bacteria. Treated waste water is pumped from the pump sump to the remote sewer.

The system does require a method of water capture to be adopted. One option is to excavate a small drain sump measuring 0.6m x 0.6m x 0.6m, which incorporates a high strength steel grid cover for the transit of motor vehicles and heavy plant.  FiltaBund will provide an automatic high power vortex pump in this enclosure that will transport dirty water to the GeoSack System. Water is directed to the pump sump using our bright yellow bolt down PlastiBund bund strips. If the excavation of a sump is not possible (for example, if the land owner will not permit it, you are based on contaminated land or in a multi storey car park), our CapturePad system can be used. The sytsem creates a 100mm high platform for collection of effluent with a pump located in the corner to transfer the water on to the GeoSack processing unit. The CaturePad is larger than competitor products as we believe every effort should be made to collect overspray. In addition, the Capture Pad is flexible and will follow the contours of uneven ground and can be mounted on a slight slope. Competitors pads require a completely flat mounting location.

Four versions of the GeoSack system are available, all of which can be skid mounted as follows:

-        GeoSack Standard- As set out above for direct discharge to sewer

-        GeoSack Recycle- As above with with water directed to a tank containing UV sterilisation and a on demand pump- overflow to sewer/soakaway

-        GeoSack Marine- As set out above with addition of sand filtration and copper removal modules- discharge to marina or sewer

-        GeoSack Marine Recycle- As GeoSack marine with with water directed to a tank containing UV sterilisation and a on demand pump- overflow to sewer/soakaway

Treatment Levels (GeoSack Standard- Effluent Discharge to Sewer) for Discharge Permit Application:

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) < 500mg/l*
Suspended Solids (SS) < 200mg/l*
Annual Volume of Water < 375m3/year#

*Test results show significantly lower COD and SS levels than indicated above. For discharge permits, a safety margin is included. Lower levels can be achieved if required.
#Depends on annual use. Figure shown approximates washing of 10 cars per day for 250 days per year. Each wash assumed to take 20minutes with 10minutes of water flow at 15litres/min. For lower use, assume a lower annual volume.

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